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If you thought small space and style couldn’t go hand-in-hand, this photographer’s apartment will change your mind. While the scale of the space does “dictate the scale of the furniture,” interior designer Nick Olsen used a few decor tricks Creative furniture stacking creates two bedrooms, a living room, a dining City’s even smaller 300-square-foot micro apartment designs might not be great for the mental health of occupants, including families. (Do you really want to stack There are more options today than ever to help you outfit your small space and live comfortably in style. Choosing the right scale furniture is key in creating the feeling of space in a small area. Luckily there are furniture stores and manufacturers that Even the smallest apartment has a front door worth decorating. Adding a wreath or other holiday decorations You can also take advantage of wall space by stringing strips of ribbon and hanging ornaments from them as well. Even you don’t have room Whether you are thinking about renovating a studio apartment or furnishing a small den or entryway smaller spaces always pose a challenge. How do we transform small square footage into a practical and glamorous living area? We must always keep in mind that Putting together Ikea furniture requires a good tool kit Other outdoorsy passions — which a small apartment can certainly inspire — can be pursued on a folding bike, which allows you the thrill of riding without the hassle of stowing .
Kiera and Michael Kushlan, both 29, worked with a small space and a small budget to create a Kalorama showplace. The interior designer talks about maximizing design in minimal spaces. 1. Live with what you love. This is absolutely my number-one Need a space fix? Don’t we all. With most of us running out of room due to growing families, we are always looking for quick and easy ways to turn a small space into big possibilities. With these easy tips for decorating small spaces, I Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or bedroom that is small, here are some ideas for pulling together a chic look in your home. The challenge of decorating a small room can be daunting, but it can also be fun and inexpensive. Here are some creative .

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