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If you are unsure how to create drama in small quarters, here are a few big ideas that pack some punch. Area rugs: A simple, small rug is tempting, but anchor the space with something more visually interesting. Go for a coloured pattern you love and make She advises small-space dwellers to keep only what they really like Freeman uses her grandmother’s vintage glass butter dish to corral her three remotes in the living room. Keep baseboards visible because when you can see under furniture, it draws It’s easy to think a small space can limit your decor possibilities Thanks to the six interior design pros ahead, we have living proof that size actually doesn’t matter. For the full story, visit our friends at Refinery29. They can be expensive, but if you have a studio and are going to be using it every day rather than in a guest room, then it’s essential to invest. A pull-down bed combined with a pull-down desk can make a small spare room a really multifunctional space. Soon after graduating from college, I rented a 7-by-8-foot room in a San Francisco flat. Underneath the twin-size loft bed was my makeshift closet and lounging area. On the opposite wall, a piece of plywood ran the length of the room, providing a work Pretend you are living on a boat and think- efficiency friend Jeri Dansky what kind of advice she gives to clients who live in small spaces and she shared these great ideas. Is everything you own worthy of a space in your home or office? .
Janet Lee doesn’t think being short on space means you have to skimp on style. Lee, a television-show producer, learned about decorating from the style experts she worked with on Oprah Winfrey’s show and put her ideas to the test in her own series of Bo Cooke’s toolbox looks like your typical, rugged Craftsman chest. Sleek and black, with tread-plated steel facing, it is a hallmark of masculine organization. But you won’t find any hammers or wrenches inside. Sitting on Cooke’s kitchen counter in If your home has a large laundry room, you have plenty of space for baskets, cleaning supplies, drying racks, a counter and sink. If not, it is possible to carve out some precious space that may be hiding in plain view – making your laundry room more In his latest book, “The Very Small Home: Japanese Ideas for Living Well in Limited Space,” Azby Brown invites the reader to think about just how much space a person, or family, needs. Brown has taken 18 newer residences in the greater Tokyo .

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